Rehearsals For The Apocalypse: The Austin Sun Years 1974- 1978

The South Austin Popular Culture Center is proud to announce a landmark exhibit featuring the underground newspaper the Austin Sun. The exhibit will run from
Sept. 11 through Oct. 23.

Rehearsals For The Apocalypse encompasses the entire run of the Austin Sun, which was from October 1974 through June of 1978. The Sun was founded by two young men: Jeff Nightbyrd, an east coast radical who’d been involved with the New York publication The Rat and the Austin publication The Rag, and Michael Eakin, former editor of the University of Texas’ newspaper The Daily Texan. Joined later by printer and bon vivant J. David Moriaty as Managing Editor, The Sun transcended the usual mode of underground newspapers with professional layouts, cutting edge news articles and, wonder of wonders, paid staff positions.

It’s interesting that many of the issues that were important in the 1970s like police violence, pollution, alternative energy, sexuality and the issue of legalization of marijuana are still important today. The news articles in the exhibit will illustrate this interesting phenomenon.

The exhibit will show a selection of newspaper covers along with accompanying articles, photographs and comments by Jeff Nightbyrd, Dave Moriaty and some of the key staffers. Quite a few vintage photographs will be on display, donated for use by staff members like Ave Bonar, Ken Hoge, Nicholas Russell, Tomas Pantin, Steve Salibo, Charlyn Zlotnik, Carlene Brady, Shelley Grehshan and Stephanie Chernikowski.

Click here to read more about the exhibit in the Austin Chronicle.

The exhibit will open with a reception on Saturday, September 11th, starting at 7:09pm. There will be live music and refreshments. At the reception former staffers will be provided with the opportunity to make written comments for inclusion in the exhibit.

Rehearsals For The Apocalypse: The Austin Sun Years 1974- 1978 will run from September 11th through October 23rd. Center hours are Thursday through Sunday from 1 – 6pm or by appointment and chance. For more information contact the Center at 512.440.8318 or by email at

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